6 Apr


Walubengo's Den

We are at war

At war with the universe, the sky is falling

And the only thing that can save us now is sensitivity and compassion

But I know one thing’s for sure I’m gonna get my kicks before it all burns down
Yeah, some say tragedy is hard to get over

But sometime that tragedy means it’s over, soldier

From the academy league of rollers I deny being down, though they seem to hold us
My shoulders are strong, I prove them wrong

I ain’t doin’ nothing but moving on,

let the truth be known

But they talk that freedom matters

And didn’t even leave a ladder,


I work at the corner kiosk, we all got problems, problems

No one’s gon’ fly that low, no one’s gon’ save us now

How you feel?

You’re not alone, they’re all just jealous,


We don’t reach the sky no more,

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