4 May

As usual, we always support some righteous anger.

Walubengo's Den

After a lot of thought and reflection, I decided to write something to Mwai Kibaki. Being an optimist, I felt it better to focus on the positive and find things to be grateful for. So I made a list:

Thank you for almost single handedly resurrecting the tribal tensions in this country.

Thank you for showing us that in this advanced day and age, in a civilized country like Kenya, we still need to jealously guard our democracy from people like you and those around you.

Thank you for helping to destroy trust in the Electoral Commission of Kenya, which now more than ever needed Kenyans to believe in it.

Thank you for showing how difficult it is in Africa for an incumbent to leave office, even when the people so obviously don’t want him.

Thank you for stealing an election, when we all thought it was impossible in this…

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